Economics writings

Outside of the book Sacred Economics, the most thorough expression of my economic thinking can be found in the following:

The Ascent of Humanity, Chapters 4: “Money and Property”. Here I offer an in-depth discussion of the disintegration of community, as well as the concepts of social, natural, cultural, and spiritual capital, and the mechanism of their depletion.

The Ascent of Humanity, Chapter 7.2 and 7.3: My first foray into explaining demurrage (negative-interest currency) and the economics around it. This account is less sophisticated than the one in Sacred Economics, but it communicates some of the important ideas.

Money and the Crisis of Civilization: written in 2008 and a bit dated now, but still quite relevant, it explains the deeper crisis the underlies and drives the financial crisis.

Money and the Turning of the Age: Discusses the crucial concept of Sacred Economics: the shift in psychology and civilization of which the economic crisis is a part.


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