Where Next for Occupy?

…It is easy for a mayor to justify police force to clear away protestors who are only proclaiming a message. It is much harder, from a PR standpoint, to justify removing people who are using illegal tactics to feed the hungry, care for the sick, and house the homeless. These acts of love inspire popular support and defuse the charges of hypocrisy and laziness so often leveled at the Occupiers. Furthermore, they provide a vehicle for the acceptance of proposals on the macroeconomic and political level by making it clear that we are not in it for ourselves…


About Charles Eisenstein

I am the author of The Ascent of Humanity and Sacred Economics. I am also a public speaker and member of the faculty of Goddard College.
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2 Responses to Where Next for Occupy?

  1. Susan Morris says:

    If a good candidate for any government office came out of OWS, they wouldn’t need a dime of big corporate dollars to get elected. Not a single flier would need to go out in the mail, and not a single commercial would need to air on television. They could campaign on FB and YouTube etc., and they would win by promising to change the government from the inside out. The answer is not to tear our government down, but to transform it.

  2. Paul Spooner says:

    The question is not necessarily to be in or out of government. The real issue is to be asking the questions without fear or favor. We need to work together in supporting an economy and a planet that highlights our similarities not our differences. Opening the door to economic & political freedom is like swimming in the ocean on a clear day – it supports you without you knowing it is there but, yeah, just watch out for the sharks and don’t let them dump shit in there!

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