Matt Taibbi Gets It about OWS!

I was delighted to read Matt Taibbi’s new piece in Rolling Stone: How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love the OWS Protests, in which he groks how the movement’s potential far transcends anything that could be accomplished through the usual strategies of proposals, demands, and “organizing”. I’m not sure if I’d exactly call Taibbi mainstream, but with this article, a new awareness has begun to seep into the consciousness of the progressive mainstream.

At first I thought perhaps Taibbi had come across “No Demand is Big Enough,” but I think it unlikely. That essay circulated widely on more alternative sites, but never penetrated farther into the mainstream than Alternet. Anyway, he is clearly aligned with the thesis of that essay, and it would be wonderful if someone could send it to him, or perhaps post it to the comments section on Rolling Stone. The URL of No Demand is I think the time has come for the progressive movement to open up to the deeper transformative impulses that we see within OWS: a revolution of love.


About Charles Eisenstein

I am the author of The Ascent of Humanity and Sacred Economics. I am also a public speaker and member of the faculty of Goddard College.
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One Response to Matt Taibbi Gets It about OWS!

  1. Art says:


    For every Eisenstein or Taibbi within the OWS movement, there’s another 20,000 who just want a piece of the American pie (no matter how rotten). How is this interior transformation, outside of divine intervention, ever going to manifest in a brain-washed society?

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