Evolver Intensive with Andrew Harvey

I’m really excited to be launching my upcoming 6-part online video course with a preliminary session with Andrew Harvey. This is happening Nov. 10, 9pm EST. The preliminary session is free but you have to register.

Andrew Harvey is one of the most passionate and gifted people I know, a man of fierce honesty, intellect, courage, and heart. Here is the official description of our upcoming session together. The 6-part series starts in December — I’ll announce that later.

Sacred Economics: Money, Myth, and your Pocketbook

Join Andrew Harvey and Charles Eisenstein for the free inaugural session of the upcoming Evolver Intensive, Living Sacred Economies: Money, Gift & Transition. You’ll get a window into the ongoing dialog between these two passionate thinkers and change agents that ranges across diverse — and deeply connected — topics. The psychology and mythology of money, the nature of evil, the necessity of miracles, and the social construction of reality are all on the menu this evening. Prepare to be alarmed, impassioned, challenged, or uplifted according to what you bring to this session. At the very least, we can promise that you will gain a new appreciation for the all-encompassing nature of the crisis of our time, and of the metamorphosis it offers.


About Charles Eisenstein

I am the author of The Ascent of Humanity and Sacred Economics. I am also a public speaker and member of the faculty of Goddard College.
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