Front Porch Radio interview

We talked mostly about the Occupy movement in this short interview. After the first 20 minutes, we are joined by a Florida State Representative and his wife who are supporters of the movement, but as they were all in the studio and I was on the phone, I didn’t say much after the first 20 minutes. Perhaps worth listening to anyway. Geez, my Self-promotion 101 professor wouldn’t be too happy with that last sentence (“Perhaps worth listening to.”)

This morning I’m excited for another interview though, this time with the Sharia Controller of an Islamic bank. Islam, as you probably know, forbids usury. Christianity used to forbid it too, as did many other religions. Unfortunately, most Islamic banks abide by the letter, not the spirit, of this injunction. This should be a really interesting conversation. I’ll post it for sure when it becomes available.


About Charles Eisenstein

I am the author of The Ascent of Humanity and Sacred Economics. I am also a public speaker and member of the faculty of Goddard College.
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